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Relationship Issues?

At our deepest level, we all crave a meaningful and rich connection with our perfect partner. Yet many people have given up on how to be in a healthy, happy relationship and settled for much less. This guide is designed to support you in finding true joy in your relationship and / or attract the partner you desire in life.

Who is your ideal partner?

Many of us have entered relationships in the past without consciously considering what we do or don’t want in that partnership.  It is only further down the track when the “honeymoon period” is over we start to see the “other side” of their personality and sometimes discover a show-stopper.

In order to attract your soulmate you must first have clarity in your mind on exactly what you are looking for. Fill out the following template to get started ……..


Describe your perfect partner.  Consider the following areas and highlight any “must haves”:

  • Physically – energy, health, fitness, looks
  • Financially – income level, assets in relation to yours
  • Mentally – knowledge, interests, emotional state
  • Career / business – what profession
  • Social – what are there hobbies, how do they like to socialise
  • Family – how do they get on with their relatives, do they have / want children?
  • Spiritual – are they religious or believe in a higher power
Describe your partner from hell! What are the “must nevers” that would absolutely destroy a relationship. Consider the above life areas here too.
Describe the person you would have to become in order to attract the person you want.



So now you have certainty on what’s important to you in a relationship and what are the things to look out for that would derail your healthy relationship.

If you are already in a relationship, assess your partner using the criteria above. Is there anything in the “must nevers” that you have just accepted? If so, it’s crucial to address those first if you wish the relationship to continue. If there are a few things missing from the “must haves” section then what can YOU do TODAY to bring them into your relationship NOW!?

Your New Life is here to support you on improving your relationships.

Contact me anytime to find out how.

You have the answers, I am your guide.

Much love,




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