How Hypnosis Helps You Stop Smoking

You’ve finally recognised that it’s time to kick the habit (yay!). But you’re thinking, does hypnosis work to quit smoking? Statistics show that hypnosis is the most successful way to become a non-smoker. You’ve probably already tried quitting by sheer willpower, using nicotine patches or gum, but the success rate is as low as 7%, which shows how ineffective these approaches are.

To implement change, we have to access the part of your subconscious mind where all undesirable behaviours are stored.  By introducing new thoughts and patterns into that area we are implementing new positive and productive behaviours. In this way hypnosis can be actively used as a method of solving the problem by focussing on your goals rather than your problems. By identifying the ultimate outcome, we concentrate our efforts on working toward that objective. As soon as your subconscious acknowledges the new way of thinking, your behaviours and feelings will shift in the direction of your goals. Through the use of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we can influence your beliefs about smoking and bring about change.

Congratulations on your commitment today to make this dramatic and lifelong change by recognising the health benefits of being a non-smoker

This easy way to stop smoking can be achieved in one 3-hour session.

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