What is a mini-retreat?

I’m so glad you asked! My friend Daniela and I have been talking about running a retreat for a long time.  Our concern was that people are too busy to take time away for themselves and also did not have the money for luxurious spas in remote locations.  So we came up with the concept […]

3 Simple Steps To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

I believe every year we are given the precious gift of another 365 chances to create the life that we want. Everybody gets this gift and it’s up to them to choose how they spend it. Some will take it for granted and some will cherish it.  But know that this gift has an expiry […]

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Guide to Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis FAQ Hypnotherapy can be used wherever the mind has influence.  There is an abundance of research and evidence that shows hypnosis as a powerful therapeutic tool in the following areas: Stress and anxiety Pain management Depression Insomnia Performance Study skills Relationship issues Trauma and phobias; and even Physical Healing and Change. It is a […]

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Take the Relationship Test

Relationship Issues? At our deepest level, we all crave a meaningful and rich connection with our perfect partner. Yet many people have given up on how to be in a healthy, happy relationship and settled for much less. This guide is designed to support you in finding true joy in your relationship and / or […]