Become Your Best Self - Achieve Breakthrough Transformation

Who said transformation was a long, drawn out process? With just two sessions our Breakthrough  Program will clear out any limitations from your past to create a bright new future filled with possibility and a fresh new attitude to life.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we identify what’s holding you back. We get to clear out those beliefs that are no longer required and emphasise those that awaken and fuel the fires of your ambitions. Creative mindfulness, visualisation and meditation will arouse your senses making it possible for you to imagine everything you desire.

We will clear away the chaos that’s obstructing you and replace it with transparency, empowerment, focus, guidance, and inspiration. The path will be clear for you to get to where you want to be.

You are one step closer to transforming your reality.  Be warned - this is life changing stuff!

Package includes:

Session 1 (4 hours) - Detailed personal history & Time Line Therapy (R)

Session 2 (4 hours) - Time Line Therapy (R) & other Techniques + Create Your Future

Take away - Create Your Future action plan

2 x checkpoints to ensure you are on track.

Price: $2,000 upfront / $2,295 payment plan

Hypnotherapy Manly

Book a Discovery Session

Take the first steps on your Journey of Discovery. Think about where you want to be and I will help you get there. Book a 45-60 minute phone consultation for $100 (redeemable against any package)