I believe every year we are given the precious gift of another 365 chances to create the life that we want. Everybody gets this gift and it’s up to them to choose how they spend it. Some will take it for granted and some will cherish it.  But know that this gift has an expiry date, it’s not forever so how will you use yours?

This time of year (end of December) is great for reflecting on your achievements and considering what you want the next journey around the sun to bring. Here are 3 simple steps to help ensure 2019 delivers everything you dream of:

  1. Get clear on your goals – if you don’t know where you’re heading how will you know if you’re getting there? It’s often tricky to decide what you want to do in the year ahead but make sure at least one of your goals is something outside of your comfort zone, something that thinking about it creates butterflies in your tummy or even a little bit of pee escapes down your leg!  Progress = Happiness so your goals should always be moving you forward.

Here are some examples to get your inspiration going:

  • Relationships – finding a new one, revamping an existing one, making new friends
  • Wealth – what’s your “freedom number” the amount you would need to earn to maintain the lifestyle that you want? Break this down into monthly goals and track it
  • Career goals – ready for the next step on the ladder or looking for a new opportunity perhaps?
  • Family – seeing them more (or less!), adding to the brood, even a furry friend?
  • Lifestyle – travel to a place on your bucket list, home renovations, more (or less) socialising, theatres, concerts, retreats
  • Wellbeing – different food choices, more exercise, daily mindfulness practices
  • Education – Increase your knowledge, learn a new skill, even get a new qualification!

Remember your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.

2. Clear out the mental clutter – our mind can be like a garbage bin, full of unhelpful thoughts and negativity from the past. If this is not emptied it will take energy away from achieving your goals.  It’s like trying to find your way home through a thick fog!  There are lots of techniques that you can use to do this. The most efficient and effective way is to find a therapist to help as they are skilled in spotting what needs to be resolved and then working that through.

3. Treat your mind like a fortress– it’s very easy to let old thought patterns and negativity to creep back in and this will derail all the great work you did in steps 1 & 2. It’s so important to maintain a healthy mind, just like brushing your teeth, you need to implement daily rituals to keep your mind clean and focused on your goals. These don’t have to take long and can even be done whilst doing other things.  Tony Robbins calls this N.E.T. time – No Extra Time – and suggests using time spent commuting, running errands, exercising or cleaning the house to feed your mind with high quality coaching and powerful information that will help you achieve your dreams. Also how you start your day is crucial so try the priming technique (10 mins) to get energised and focused.

3 things, that’s it! If you follow the steps above, this time next year you will be reflecting on how much you achieved and how great that feels!

Happy New Year from Your New Life!


3 Simple Steps To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

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